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Motor Insrance

Penulis : Jena J on Thursday, July 10, 2014 | 10:29 PM

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Best Insurance Plans In SriLanka

Best Insurance Plans In SriLanka, the innovative motor insurance that provides you the most amount of benefits is geared to comprehensively cover your Motor Fleet. A dedicated cross-functional team is prepared to manage your entire service experience. We are continuously looking to improve our services to exceed the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Driving is risky business and we all need protection. Invest in the country’s most comprehensive motor insurance policies and let us take care of you while on the road. Janashakthi Full Option provides extensive benefits to the owner of the vehicle, occupants and even pedestrians while going beyond the norm to give you extra benefits at no extra cost.

Choose from our extensive range of services available to you as a Janashakthi Full Option Policyholder-:

    Around the clock Customer Care
        You could be stuck in the middle of nowhere at midnight with a car that won’t start. Simply dial 011 2303300 and one of our Janashakthi Customer Care professionals will be ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    On-site claim approval Motor accident?
        Our team of Professional Assessors will visit you promptly at the site of the accident and assist you to reach an instant settlement.
    No police report required
        If you’ve had a Janashakthi Assessor evaluate the accident, then save yourself the hassle of making a police report for insurance purposes. While it is the law that all accidents must be reported to the police, Janashakthi do not require a police report to settle your claim. We want to get you back on the road with as little inconvenience as possible. Save yourself the paperwork and get our Assessors working on your claim on-site straight away.
    Full Option Auto Centre
        As the only insurer to fully own and run a collision repair centre, at Janashakthi we’ve gone that extra mile to get you back on the road faster. The Full Option Auto Centre uses the latest and best in technology for getting your vehicle back into mint condition.
    Cash for replacement vehicle
        We understand the expenses that seem to pile up when your car is out of commission following an accident which is why you’ll receive a generous allowance for the replacement of your vehicle for 10 days after the first four days have lapsed.
    Cars and dual purpose vehicle (private and hired)-: Rs.1500 per day
    Three-wheelers-: Rs.500 per day
    Island-wide garage network
    No Claim Bonus protection for a small premium (conditions apply)
    Third party fire and theft insurance
    Personal Accident Insurance for dependants In the unfortunate event of death, (driver or passenger) dependants will receive Rs. 100, 000 within 90 days of the accident (excluding motorcycles).
    Rs. 50,000 cash for hospitalisation
        If you or any of your passengers are hurt and hospitalised we’ll pay Rs.2, 500 per day for 20 days. This is activated 48 hours after the accident.
    15 day grace cover
        Don't worry about waking up one day to find your policy has lapsed. We will continue to provide you with automatic third party insurance for 15 days after the policy expiry date.
    Rs. 25,000 Pedestrian Cover
        We don't want you to bear any financial burden in the event of a fatal accident caused by a vehicle insured by Janashakthi. In this unfortunate event the deceased pedestrian’s next of kin will receive Rs. 25, 000.
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Life Cover insurance policeies

While you work hard to look after your family, life sometimes throws a curveball at you. How would your family cope in the event of your death or terminal illness? Keep your life on track through sickness or injury and join hundreds of Janashakthi Life Insurance Policyholders – all comforted in the knowledge that their loved ones will be protected from financial hardships should anything happen to you.

Let us create a tailor made policy for you and your family. Simply click on ‘Plan your Policy’ or browse through our life covers and choose one that best fits you and your family.
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Penulis : Jena J on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 | 3:44 AM

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Ceylife Online life insurance is available only for Sri Lankans residing in Sri Lanka.

In the unfortunate event of your death during the policy term, the entire Sum Assured will be paid to the beneficiary in your family to take care of their needs in the future.

If death occurred due to an accident, an additional sum that's equal to basic sum assured will be paid to the beneficiary, provided that you have duly obtained the optional cover for accidents.

Ceylife Online purely focuses on providing protection to your loved ones and thus, it has no maturity value, but comes to you at an extremely affordable price
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As you go through your daily routine, caught up in the whirlwind of today's fast-paced lifestyle, have you ever paused to consider the safety and well being of your family?

It's time you stopped and realised the significance of life insurance and the positive impact it will have on your loved ones if something were to happen to you.

Protecting them is as simple as obtaining a CeyLife Online life insurance policy - an online term plan that's convenient, easy to obtain and is available at a very nominal price.
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Ceylinco Life Pradeepa

Ceylinco Life Pradeepa
The unique feature would be that it offers a life cover of Rs. 50,000/- for a term of 5 years for only one single payment of Rs. 625/-.
The maximum cover under the scheme is Rs. 400,000/-. No hassle of going for medical examinations, just a simple application to be filled and the policy will be delivered within a day.
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Ceylinco Life Saubhagya

Ceylinco Life Saubhagya

  A woman plays many roles in her life, that's why she needs extra protection.

A woman's contribution to the well being of society is immeasurable; as a daughter, wife, mother or a professional, you render a great service to the nation. As a woman, you play many roles in society and toil in performing your duty toward others. Therefore, it is essential to respect your dedication and commitment and care, for your services to others around you.

Ceylinco Life understands the incomparable service of women, which is why Ceylinco Life offers 'Saubhagya', an insurance policy specially designed for women. The unique feature of Ceylinco Life Saubhagya - is that the policyholder receives a comprehensive life insurance cover with an attractive saving.
Who is eligible for this policy?

Ceylinco Life Saubhagya is for females between 18 and 45 years of age.
What's unique about Ceylinco Life Saubhagya?

It is an investment linked life insurance policy which provides a critical illness cover as well.

Life cover = 10 times the annual premium + Illness Benefit* + Investment Account Balance.
* The Critical Illness Benefit is equal to 10 times the annual premium and applies only if it has not been claimed during the term of policy.

01. 10% of basic sum assured will be paid upon the completion of five years.
(basic sum assured = 10 times of the annual premium)

02. Insurance cover for 15 critical illnesses.

03. Critical Illness Benefit will double upon the diagnosis of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and womb cancer.

04. An attractive maturity value which is equal to the account balance accrued.
How does the investment account work?

A percentage of each balance premium after deducting premia for riders is credited to your investment account depending on the policy year. The account accumulates according to the accumulation rate at the end of each month.
How does Ceylinco Life Saubhagya benefit you?

Ceylinco Life Saubhagya is special because it can be customized to match your income and your needs. The minimum premium instalment is Rs. 1,500/- and premium should be in multiples of Rs. 500/-.

How does Ceylinco Life Saubhagya offer you protection?

Assuming that you are at the age of 25, 30 or 35 years, if you pay Rs. 2,000/- as a monthly instalment for a term of 20 years, the maturity benefit will be as follows.
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We all have big hopes

We all have big hopes 
And dreams for our future. Ceylinco Life Double Growth is a comprehensive life insurance plan that gives you amazing maturity benefits. You also have the choice of paying all your premiums within a short period of time. Ceylinco Life Double Growth is indeed the perfect investment to make your dreams come true.
Who can obtain this plan?

Anyone between the ages of 18-60 can obtain a Ceylinco Life Double Growth Plan, based on their income and requirements.
How is Ceylinco Life Double Growth unique in comparison to other insurance plans?

    It’s a policy that offers both complete life cover and maturity benefits.
    The value of the initial sum assured grows by 5% or 10% annually.
    You have the choice of paying your premiums in 5 or 10 years while you continue to receive benefits for the entire term of policy.
    A fixed premium.
    You can add on extra benefits as you go along.
    At the time of maturity, you will receive the increased sum assured plus an attractive bonus.

You decide on your premium payment period

Option 1(Limited term plan)

You may choose between a 5 or 10 year payment period for your premiums. You still receive benefits throughout your entire policy term.
Premium Term     Policy Term
5 years     10, 15, 20 or 25 years
10 years     15, 20 or 25 years

Option 2 (Regular term plan)

If you wish, you may choose a payment plan from 10 to 25 years plus additional benefits.
Benefits from Ceylinco Life Double Growth

Option 1 (Limited term plan)

Let’s imagine you are 35 years old. You obtain a 10 year term policy for Rs.1, 000,000 with a premium payment plan of 5 years. Your insurance cover will grow as follows:
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